Published on 20 January, 2022 | Legal | 494 views

This is a short information regarding the legal responsibility for the content published on the website www.qrgeneration.com

QR Generation does not dispense legal, or medical advice, and will not be held accountable in any way for interpretations of Acts or laws presented on this site. It is the reader's personal responsibility to research the information presented herein and, if necessary, procure their own legal advice. 

QR Generation make no claims that applying the strategies outlined in this page will prevent you from being fined or arrested. You must seek your own legal advice. 

Seek medical advice from your family doctor on the subject of PCR tests and Covid vaccines.

QR Generation only presents data from confirmed sources officially shared online that represent the law and/or the current state of science as far as we know it at the time of publishing to this site. Often scientific information differs from source to source.

Do your own research.

Last updated on: 7 July, 2022